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I'm worried, Please help me


For a brief introduction, I'm female, 27 y.o. I had been reading this wonderful site and today decided to join.
I'm not a native English speaker so please bear with my grammars.
I've been in terrible feeling lately. I have not yet taken HIV test. But in the past, June 2006 I had an intercourse  for the first time, with the guy without condom. I was so stupid.  He didn't ejaculate inside though.
I have not had early symptoms of HIV such as flu, night sweats etc. Though I know that's not always the case for being an HIV+
It has been a year now, and still no symptoms of me being ill. I would like to take HIV test, but it's way too expensive for me.
Please give me some knowledge. Or console, or whatever.
Thank You in advance.

Noone replies yet?. I should elaborate more, I think.
I want to know if even with no ejaculation inside would I be in a risk of getting HIV ?

Yes, you could still be at risk. The only way to know ones status is by testing. You can not go by symptoms or lack of symptoms.

Thank You for the reply. I appreciate it.

Andy Velez:
Where are you writing from? You mention that the HIV test is "too expensive." I'm wondering where you are and if it isn't possible to get tested through your public health system.

Given what you have described -- a single incident without ejaculation -- the odds are in your favor that you will test negative. But that is just a guess and HIV is not something to guess about.

Please clarify about where you are and what the availability is for testing in your country.


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