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afraid to tell anyone

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Queen Tokelove:

--- Quote from: Pam on June 04, 2007, 01:49:31 PM ---Hi Queen Akasha and Catwoman
I've been positive since 1997. I am not a foster parent but since my neice and nephew are in Dss care, they will allow me to keep them most anytime I want up to 72 hours. All neices and nephews have lived here at one time or another. All grands stay for a period of time. The neighbors children are also welcomed anytime. All family gatherings are also here. I am also a strong person and prefer no pity party.                                 SMILE

--- End quote ---

Oh ok, I understand now, thanks for clearing that up for me. Basically your home is the spot for family events. You must be working on getting custody of the niece and nephew, I hope it works out for you. I see you have been poz for as long as I have. Are you seeing a doctor? Forgive me, I guess I am being like a mother hen. Keep us posted on what you decide to do...

Welcome, you sound like a wonderful foundation for your family.   

I agree with the other ladies that disclosure is really such a personal thing.  So even if you choose never to reveal your status to family or friends you have this wonder place. 

Even after 17 yrs, most of my friends, and some family members dont know my status. There is such a stigma still attatched to having this, its sad, really. Im less worried abut pity, and more worried about jobs, and the way people may treat my son. You tell who you want, and in your own time. :}

I am 27 and was diagnosed 5/31/13. Worst part was, I left the Doc office with them telling me I had all tests come back negative. 36 hours later my Doctor called me back, "Oops, looks like we didn't have all the tests back at that time and you are positive for HIV". Needless to say, that was the worst night of my life. I told my family and boyfriend right away, but have not told any friends. I don't think I ever will... but it would be nice to have an open conversation about what I'm going through with another poz woman. I have looked into a few support groups and am looking to go, just need a little courage...

Well I can say when I found out I told my family which was the worse thing i could ever do. They started treating me differently. However that was Jun 2009 and i waa undetectable. Now im  really undetectable with less then 40 copies and cd4 of 550.
Last yr is when I ended up telling my friends I wish i would have told them before but I was way too scared. My friends are my support team and backbone.
As for a relationship I told my ex a few mos back and i just told my current boyfriend 2mos ago and we've been together for almost 2yrs and he took it better then i thought also.

#1 thing take your time when it comes to telling someone you need a support team only.
#2 if your not ready to be serious with this person you dont have to tell him yet only the one you want to give your heart too.
#3 make sure your happy, content, ready to let anybody know about your special treat that you have lol

Take Care


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