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Ok, ever since I was first found out my wonderful news that I had you know what I have gained 60 lbs on meds. Sucks, yeah I know. So my motavation is not there and yes you can say I am just more then a little depressed right now. I am in a relationship with a neg male and it takes a toll on him seeing me sad all the time. I have lost all self esteem and I only go out with the people who know of my status therefor they know why I have gained so much weight, and ofcourse always tell me how beautiful I look. :) Which is great to hear, but they dont see what I see....all this extra fat that I didnt have before. I use to be fit and muscular, so this is really hard for me. I stopped talking to alot of my friends and when people ask me to go out I always say no or make an excuse. Now heres the thing. This is REALLY hard the most on my mom, cause she see's me always tired from the depression and not wanted to get all dressed up and hair and make-up done like I used to. She seems to think I should go somewhere to help me loose weight, like LA weight loss, Jenny, you know what I mean. I was wondering if anyone here has gone somewhere to help them with the weight gain, and if you told them that you have gained weight due to meds. I mean we are not going to respond to weight loss like a normal person correct? Which sucks ofcourse. My mom seems to think that if I go somewhere to pay them to help me that it will keep me motivated and want to try to loose weight and try to be less sad...I wanted to ask you women what your thoughts were and if anyone has done this...and if so if you succeded or not.

Thanks a women sad always  :'(


Food is a source of comfort.  It never lets you down, is there when you need it, fills you up when you are sad and easy to turn to.  I've gained 30lbs since my diagnosis and though I feel INCREDIBLY uncomfortable in my own skin, I still find it difficult to motivate myself to do anything about it.  How can I give up my one constant form of comfort?

I'm right there with you girl.  It sucks.  Especially when you know what you have to do to change things and aren't doing them.  For me, my body is my shield of armor.  If I'm fat, no one will want me, not because I have HIV, but because I'm fat.  Fat is much easier to accept than HIV is.

Hang in there.  Don't go and pay anyone to help you do it.  Loosing weight is a LIFE CHOICE and not a quick fix.  That is why people who get that gastric bypass surgery eat right through it.  Eating is mental, not physical.  Figure out why you eat what you eat, for me it's emotional and no surgery is going to fix that.

Just my two cents


Hello Seven.  I have never been on any of those weight loss programs so can't tell how they work . However i did gain quite a bit of weight after my diagnosis. I am 5'4 and went up to 189 pds. I think maybe it will level out because since February I have lost weight and am now at 167 and still losing.   I am not hungry so I do not eat much. Before I ate a lot ,out of boredom or loneliness or depression cause I have HIV. Don't know if this helps you but I hope so.  Best of luck to you.    Cristy

Hi Seven,

Like you, after my diagnosis, I gained a lot of weight. I'm 5'0", and got up to 180 pounds. I was a size 16 in pants, and hated it. I even gained the wonderful lipodystrophy in my belly area as well as in my upper back. My husband never gave me a hard time about it, because he's seen me in the thong bikini back in the day when I had a hard body.

After my husband died, I decided to take care of me, because to be quite honest, I couldn't stand me, not the way I looked. Also, I suffered greatly from depression as a result of his death. I wasn't able to concentrate at work, I couldn't focus, wasn't able to sit still, didn't want to go out, didn't want to socialize, and worse, I couldn't sleep.

So, I started exercising. Of course, I probably over-did it in the beginning, as I walked nearly two miles every day, six days a week. I told myself to take at least one day off. I even used light resistance training on the weights, and 50-75 situps every night. Doing this helped me to lose 40 pounds and down to a size 10 in pants.  However, I hurt my foot in November or December, so my routine was interrupted for nearly six months. I didn't regain any of the weight, for which I am happy.

I recently started my exercising again, but this time, at a more moderate level, three days a week, and two miles on those days. I eat what ever I want, of course in moderation, and as healthy as possible. I never deny myself any cravings (even chocolates), but I do have it in moderation. I don't keep sweets in the house, because it just adds to my temptations. I feel that if I deny myself the cravings, then when I finally do cave, I may overindulge, therefore, going into the pattern of gaining weight again.

Seven, let me tell you, that the exercising helped my depression. After a couple of weeks of doing that, my depression lessened. Now, I rarely have bouts of depression. I never took any medications for depression, though it was suggested. I never did. I was able to battle it on my own, with family support and exercise.

You are on the right path of starting over, because you are recognizing that you want to help yourself. Just remember, only YOU can help YOU, and it has to come from within your heart. YOU have to be the one to want it more than anyone else.

Take care, and good luck with this new journey you are about to embark on!!


I have to say that before I found out I was HIV+ last year I had started working out.  I was doing it because I couldn't stand what size I was up to and because I knew it would help me feel better, sleep better, etc.  I started going to Curves because I didn't think it would be so intimidating.  I worked my way up to 4 days a week for an hour each day.  I also joined Weight Watchers Online, so I could see my meal suggestions from anywhere AND I wouldn't have to go to meetings!  It was a great help when I got diagnosed in 2006 because I was already doing many of the things my doctor suggested.  And honestly, I threw myself into work and working out so I wouldn't have to think about it so much.  In February of this year I decided to join Team in Training and start training to walk a 1/2 marathon.  Seriously, it was perhaps the best thing I've done since I found out.  I concentrated on getting my walking speed up and raising money for leukemia research, so I had less time to sit around, feel sorry for myself, and drown myself in chocolate (my great comfort food).   In about 3 weeks I'll be in Alaska walking -- and it feels great.  I've already decided to do another one in October. 

The benefits of working out and training have been great for me -- I'm down to a size 18 (from a size 24) and most days I have more energy than I have had since I was 20.  There are still days when my butt is seriously dragging the ground, but I feel like I can take a day or two off and still be living a healthy lifestyle.  But overall losing weight means changing your lifestyle not getting on some crazy diet.  The pounds will not come off overnight, but they will come off, and stay off...

Good Luck,



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