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Tcells are still below 200 and Im going crazy too!!


My CD4 count is 83 and CD8 are better and my viral load is below 100,000. The Dr said that it was OK but it still scares me. It's been almost a year with my current regimen of meds. My tcells where at 40 then and I thought for sure they would be much higher by now. I guess I should just be glad that my viral load is as low as it is. The Dr explained that the higher CD8 counts countered the lower CD4 counts but that didn't really make me feel much better, wish I had more patience!! I just don't want to end up getting sick from an opportunistic infection. I've seen what they can do and I don't want to go there. I was also diagnosed as
Bipolar/manic, so I'm crazy too!!! :o  I hope the Lithium he prescribed will help me out of this funk I call life these days. Thanks for listening, Rick

I've recovered from very similar numbers (I think my CD4 was 89) about two years ago.  And despite being Poz for more than 21 years, I've yet to experience an OI.

It took me more than a year to get my CD4 back over 200.  I think it took three tests (about 2 months apart) before my VL became undetectable.   I'm sure they've got you on an antibiotic as a prophylaxis (preventative) for PCP.  Just be rigorous about taking your meds, and I'm fairly sure things will improve.

The people who give you a trite "think happy thoughts," don't understand depression.  You're not crazy (and yea I know you were poking fun at yourself).  But occasionally, when you feel blue, try to do something that gives you pleasure.  Something like watching/renting a comedy, taking a walk in the sun, baking cookies (and eating them - making even sneaking some uncooked doe) . . .   You get the idea.  None of that will turn the world around, but it should give a a few brief moments of relief from being down.

Let me know if I can help.

Signed - one who's been there!

I've been below 200 since being on meds for the last two years but I have an undetectable VL. It takes time and patients.

It took me almost two years on meds to reach a CD4 of two hundred. I focused on my undetectable viral load to keep my spirits up. Like you I worried about opportunistic infections but was lucky enough to avoid them. LT offers you some sound advice. If your viral load continues toward undetectable do a little happy dance.   

We must be patient. I haven't hit 100 for the last year or so. I am hovering in the 50's - 70's but feel pretty good. I get my latest results this week.. you'd think after 23 years I wouldn't get anxious... but we do. But we're good bud. Lots on the horizon and in the meantime we get the beautiful summer weather. Hugs and best wishes.    David


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