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travel with hiv drugs

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we are always discussing whether its ok to put HIV drugs in containers other than the ones they come in when traveling. I do this all the time, and I guess I wont do it anymore.

They're watching him pretty close, eh?  I wonder if it's because he's Rush, or if they're just more stringent with private aircrafts?

I've been through Customs many times, and they've never paid any attention to my meds--even the few times that they've actually searched my carry-on, they didn't even pick up the containers to read them or look inside. 


If that fat-ass Rush would lay off the oxycontin maybe he would not have wienie problems.

I'm with you Jake...the law needs to take a hardline with pushers like Mr. Limbaugh.

Any self-respecting drug mule would have told Rush where to put his drugs.

You made my day Jake!
Hal 8)

Whats truly scary here is Rush Limbaugh running around with a raging Hardon for Four Hours  in a Dominican Republic Whorehouse.
I think that the point here is that he had a prescription that wasn't in his name- I always travel with my meds in a pill container not the pharmacy bottles but I keep my Docs business card in my wallet and a quick call will confirm that the drugs are in fact prescribed to moi,  I plan to get a letter to that effect also. If he had simply put the Viagra in a pill box or baggie, there probablly wouldn't have been a prob. and could have been cleared up quickly. but keeping them in the pharmacy bottle with someon elses name on it was a dipshit mistake, especially trying to get it through customs. Im sure he'll scream 'Conspiracy'. :'(

lwood,that is really funny, I am trying to picture it,but dont wanna get sick,so I wont.
I always put my pills in bottles with my name on them for other drugs, like blood pressure meds or lipitor. Never had anyone check. I wonder if the tranny gang would get checked?


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