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Hi everyone - I just want to provide a "positive" side of the dating game. I'm a 45 yo female who was diagnosed when my husband became very ill in 2002 - bad tattoo - anyways he did not deal well with his diagnosis and changed dramatically as a person - into not a very nice one so that was the end of that!!! I KNEW that I wanted somebody in my life - 2 teenage kids had to be balanced out somehow!!! I don't mean this to sound like a "pitch" or anything but I signed up on and met a great guy. I live in Upstate NY & he lived in Atlanta. He suffers from neuropathy so is on SSDI and I have a decent job here and don't t hink I could move my kids away anyway. We talked on the phone for 100's of hours made a few trips back & forth and he moved up here in Jan 2005 - Maybe it's a heterosexual male thing but he to did not deal well with his diagnosis - told people the same lies my husband did - that he had stomach cancer????? But I have helped him work his way through this. I am very open about my status - everyone I work with knows and have had very few bad experiences. I did struggle about telling my kids - I didn't want them to think I was dying but I didn't want them to think that HIV was no big deal either so I did eventually tell them and they make the choice as to what friends they tell - sorry - I've gotten off topic. I never would have done the online dating thing without this disease and maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones but it's worked for me - I grant you he does piss me off at times but anybody would - positive or not!!!! Thanks for letting me share - Lori

Queen Tokelove:
There are some success stories with online dating, you just don't hear about them as much as the bad ones. Glad you found someone...

Heard both good and bad tales of dating, glad you got a great one!


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