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Hi all ,
         You guys been doing wonderfull work . 
         Finally anxiety got the best of me and i m posting the questiong in this forum .Plez help me out
       I had erlier been posting in medhelp support forum .

 EXPOSURE AND POSSIBLE RISK:   I   had been visiting sex workers here in india.
and i have had protected sex around 5 times with different workers . but during one exposure my condom was loose and she was mensturating so i had a elisa test at 15 week mark.

But as i have read more and more on internet my worry about other exposures has increased . i had 3 more exposure after that exposure all of them where condom protected.But before the act theres was a bit foreplay and probably we both were naked at that time and i didnt had a condom on .i dont know if tip of penis came in contact with vaginal fluid.
\i dont know the status of the girl but she had told me once that she recently had pnuemonia ... which after reading on net i came to know is common in hiv+ ppl.
my last exposure was 8 weeks ago from the negative test .

             reading : 0.57 s/co  interpreation:negative   diltution : undiluted

After reading on net i came to know that elisa uses dilution. So i got confused that may be they messed up with the test .
 called up the lab and talked to the doc who had signed my report.
She told me that its wriiten undiluted coz the sample is taken neat .
dilution happens inside the machine .also assured me abt the results
Its was 3rd gen automated elisa.

Prevously i had talked to a differnet doctor in lab but she had given me a differnet answer .
Both suggested me to test more by  PCR method if i remain worried   .
Though the doc who had signed my report assured  me abt the result n told me not to go in technicality as its all automated there.

I felt good after doctors reassurance but like all worried wells fear crept in again .
Please tell me was the doc right ? Could there be an error in automated elisa ...?
Do i need counselling or more testing ???




Andy Velez:
Given what you have reported I don't see any cause to be concerned about HIV. You seem to be consistently using condoms for intercourse. That's exactly what you should be doing. As long as you wear latex condom everytime it doesn't matter whether you are with a professional or a civilian. Condoms don't care. They provide equally effective protection.

None of the other activities or details put you at risk for HIV.  I also don't see any reason to doubt the reliability of your negative HIV test result.

You do need to be aware that other STDs are much easier to acquire than HIV. Since you are sexually active it would be a good idea to regularly have a full STD panel done. Annually is good and every six months is even better.

At this moment I don't see any basis for concern about HIV on your part. I would caution you against continuing to surf the net because I can absolutely assure you that if you do that you will inevitably come up with (mis)information to feed your worst fears. All to no good purpose nor with any basis in HIV-science.


Hi andy ,
            i was worried abt the incidence with mensturating sex worker.
            condom was loose and  there was no erection . i took it out as soon          as i saw blood(fortunately i was standing during intercourse) .My test was 15 week from that incidence .
             Thts y i asked abt the test .Is there any chance the test was wrong in automated elisa.

You didn't have a risk, so there is no chance the test being wrong.

Andy Velez:
Your test result was reliable.

This is all about feelings and not facts, menstrual blood notwithstanding. Really.

You're HIV negative. Period.


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