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i have finally disclosed to my employer

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--- Quote ---so today i am no longer in hiding with my hiv, as i have torn down that final wall by disclosing to my employer.
--- End quote ---
Good for you Scott!

Thanks for posting this.

My hope is that someday the walls can come down for all of us.


You made me feel good just reading about what you have done.

Good show!



   It takes balls to do what you did. I've pretty much been "out" on the job about my HIV, but not everyone knows (yet) In  an industry as conservative as insurance, it is great what you've done here. I hope that many good things come of it, both for you personally, as well as for the Poz community i n general. Kep fighting for what's right my friend.

In Respect and Admiration, Capt.Carl

  You have been a great support to me and I'm sure to many others here at POZ. I'm very proud of you for coming out of the HIV Closet!! 
     Much Love and Many More Blessings,


thank you one and all for your kind words. it makes me feel so good inside to know there is so much support on this site for all of us.

i will let you all know in september what type of feedback i receive from the insurance community.

aka kellyspoppi


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