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my weekend in wales


hello everybody...

returned to civilisation (ie Not Wales) yesterday, after a long weekend away. Best girl and I decided to go surfing and camping at hillend, near Llangenith. Here is a link to a picture of the beach...

Waves were crap on Sunday, so we headed off to the National Botanic Gardens which was beautiful; they have the largest single-span glasshouse/biodome in Europe (and a very nice cafe to boot).
We then returned to basecamp, and decided to scramble up a small mountain/very big hill to check out the amazing coastal scenery, and watch the sun go down.
All in all, a very cool weekend.

(if i've done this right, there should be a picture of a very beautiful Sunday sunset below...)

[attachment deleted by admin]

lovely. a new destination to add to my "must visit" list!   ;D


Hi Kate

Glad to hear you had a good weekend..Wales is such a beautiful place, I used to take the kids to a great little place called Tenby for summer holidays, it's a pity the surfing didn't happen, but at least you got to see a beautiful sunset.

Jan :)

Wales is a beautiful place.  And the men aren't so bad either... ;)

Glad you had a nice getaway.

(who loves surfer chicks)


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