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Having a rough go of it lately

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Hello Mark,

No great words of advice to offer you... I am not familiar with the medication that youa re talking about . (Protonix).

Just want you to know I am thinking about you, and hope that things start geting better for you soon.


        I have been on protonix it does wonders.When i started PI's however they took me off.Something to do with the interaction between that and the reyataz.Now i take tums but it has to be at least 6 hrs after i take my meds.

  I hope this works for you.  I am not familiar with it, but I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed that it works!  I don't want you to have to be "gutted."
 Love ya-

Hard Times:
protonics works better than prilosec, it may take a week or two , so hang in there .
i've been on it for 3or 4 yrs. now.  i take protonics in the morning, hiv meds at nite.

Hope you get to feeling better soon...

I had the same issues you are having problems with now. My doc put Omerprazole 20mg capsules which I take in the morning batch of meds and again in night batch of bed.  :)

I have been on this med for alittle over a year now and have no problems eating spicy foods.

When I asked my doc about taking protonics, she told be it would have negative interactions with Lexiva, so I didn't take it.  >:(


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