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Having a rough go of it lately

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I have been taking Prilosec for some time, several years. Prior to its availability over the counter, I used time-released omeaprazole.

Well, it is failing. It has been growing steadily worse in recent months and the doc now wants to put me on Protonix.

Has anyone any experience with this?

I hope it works. I have cut back on my food intake, but it has stopped helping. At this point, I eat a few bites a couple of times a day.

It doesn't matter what I eat or how much, it causes problems. But a full meal leaves me in a great deal of discomfort for hours.

This same condition led to my father having emergency surgery after his stomach ruptured and it killed my grandfather when the same thing happened and peritonitis set in.

I still remember my father vomiting stomach acid every morning and then being cut open and basically gutted after everything ruptured and became contaminated.

I had hoped I had found a way to avoid this particular genetic trait via the wonders of modern chemistry.

I guess not.

Wish me luck on the Protonix. I would love to hear from anyone who has had any experience with this drug.

HUGS (and gurgles),


Hi Smiler

I'm sorry to hear this is still troubling you...I'm not that familiar with Protonix but what I have heard is good... all I really know is it's used for erosive acid reflux and the majority of patients recover well from it within 6/8 all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Love and hugs
Jan :-*

Edited to add...I know I'm not supposed to post here but I just wanted smiler to know I was thinking of him...sorry.


I don't know a thing about Protonix so I can't offer any insight.  I just wanted to say I hope it does the trick for you though.



Here's wishing you the best for the new drug in your life.


No experience here to help but just want to say that we share a lot of the same problems. I have been taking Nexium for about 6 years. It still works.
Hope the new stuff works for you.


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