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I'm positive....just found out 5 minutes go.

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Ok...just back from the doctor (via the corner shop to buy a packet of 20 because I'm not in the mood to roll my tobacco).

Took blood samples to find out my CD4 and VL (She was a bit nervous bless her and I nearly fainted because she hit a nerve).I'll find out what they are next wednesday at my first appointment with the specialist in Aberdeen.

Still waiting for my Hep.B results,but my kidneys/liver/blood sugar etc etc are fine if that makes a difference.

I've been given Loperamide to try to control my diarrhoea,but if it's not better by the morning, she's going to push to try to get me admitted to hospital tomorrow.

It's the diarrhoea and my lack of appetite and weight loss that's my biggest worry at the moment.The doctor said that it's probably HIV related,but doesn't think I'm developing AIDS,but she admitted that she had very little experience so couldn't be sure and the department in Aberdeen,who were on the phone while I was there,where non-commital.

Hey Man, Welcome to the group. These first weeks will be rough for you. So fasten your seat belt and try to relax. Stress can only add to your problems, so try to contain it as much as possible. I've been dealing for 22 years now, so know you have plenty of time to catch up and learn. The Happy hour has just begun...So relax and enjoy the early bird special! We are here for you. You are in better shape then you realize!

The first few months can be pretty rough. It is a lot of adjusting, and learning. But it really does get better. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, and something like Gatorade, or a similar sport drink so you won't become dehydrated with the direaha. A few months ago I was hospitalized for dehydration from direaha and vomitting, and I really felt so much better once they started fluids, so don't be afraid to go in the hospital if needed.

For your next appointment, take notepad and pen, and if possible take a family or friend along to help listen and remember what was said. Do some research between now and then, and take a list of questions along. I always take a list of questions along because I can never remember what I want to ask once I am there.

On appointment days, I always try to pamper myself. Go out to lunch or dinner. Do something fun for myself. Sometimes the appointments can be stressful, so go treat yourself that day.

Hang in there.

Thanks everyone....I don't think it's hit me yet.

You'll be the first to know when it does,so get your body armour ready :D :D :D

when you do get your lab results back, be sure to ask for a copy of them.   You will no doubt have questions that can only be answered by having a copy of that.



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