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I'm positive....just found out 5 minutes go.

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--- Quote from: maddeuwch on June 27, 2006, 07:27:49 PM ---Marinol is being written straight down in my notepad for things to ask the doctor about.

--- End quote ---

also known as THC Marinol  ... in addition to 'hungry', it can make you quite thirsty (for water) and/or giddy

Poz Brit:
Hello Mad, Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.
Have you tried Lemon Juice, I have never known it fail in stopping Diarrhoea, Take One or two fresh lemons and juice them, then drink it. it usually stops it in about ten to twenty minuets, and strangely, it also stops heart burn, lemon, although acid, has an alkaline affect on the body.

I know its easy to say don’t worry, but here in these isles the HIV clinics are very helpful and understanding, also if you feel a need to talk to someone phone “The Terrance Higgins Trust” they have people who have HIV and are trained to help others, you can talk about anything, they are very helpful and informed on all aspects of this bug, google them, or I think the web address is or THT Direct 0845 12 21 200

Best wishes


Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, Mad, but you've found the best place to be.

And it gives us another handsome face to look at.  ;)


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