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I have been lurking for a while and now l need some help.I am a female straight poz for 5 years now.I have met a man who is not poz.He knows that l am and has no problems with it.

He would like to start a relationship with me.But l am scared to death. When l found out l was poz i was seeing someone.I had no idea that l was poz the news from my Doctor was a shock. The person l was seeing at the time was tested and sure enough was also found positive. I have a lot of guilt over that and even though he "forgave" me it is still there.

Given that you can see why l am scared to get to close or to deep with this new man. He has told me look l know the deal and have done tons of reading.

Can the poz/neg relationships here give me any advice?

Am l making a big deal out of nothing?

I really care for this person and he is wonderful.After five years alone l never thought i would find someone again and fate had a different idea.


Hi Blue, welcome to the forums.

Go for it!

I've been in a relationship with a negative man for seven years and there is no doubt in my mind he will stay that way.

Just make sure you use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse and you will protect his negative status. It really is that simple. Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus and more so from a woman to a man and if you're using condoms correctly and consistently, you have nothing to worry about.

Check out the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can make sure he is putting them on correctly. You might also like to check out the links in the left-hand column of either of those pages for information on the female condom. They also provide excellent protection against hiv. They can be fiddly to use at first, but no problem with a little practice. My partner and I use them sometimes.

I can't help but wonder if you are beating yourself up for no reason where your ex is concerned. How can you be sure he didn't infect you? You may never know so dump the guilt overboard before it sinks your ship. You can't change the past, but you can move into your fab new future.

Looking forward to hearing more from you...


I agree with Ann here...Love doesn't knock on your door very often, so take ad vatage! It will take some work on both your parts, but if you are truly in love that should be doable! Best of luck. Be strong and brave. Anything is possible. God bless you both. I wish you all the best!

I have been married to a negative man for 12 years. We use condoms, and practice safe sex with all activities, and I am comfortable about him continueing to be negative. I have found it has been more emotional issues than physical. On days that are bad, he can feel helpless to make things better. We fight sometimes over medical bills. And sometimes we are both dissapointed when we have to cancel plans due to health problems. But overall, we don't let hiv run our relationship.

And I agree with Ann, how do you know for sure you infected him, and not the other way around? Or that he was not already + when you had a relationship with him. Consenting adults who both participate in unsafe sex both had a responsibility to protect themseleves. Stop beating yourself up about it. None of us can change the past, we can only make our future better. And it sounds like you have a good guy there, so go and enjoy yourself!

Yes he is a good guy more educated than most about HIV.

I told him i wrote here asking for help and he was so? And l read your answers and he was see?

I admit a lot of what is going on is all in my head....And l am working on dumping the guilt.

And l agree Christine the emotional stuff is tougher than any thing else.


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