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RAB: You ain't seen nothing...


Rocky is complaining about a heat wave.  Well, yesterday, as far as I could tell, RED BLUFF was the hottest spot in the continental United States:117.

By the way, Red Bluff is in the northen part of the Sacramento Valley, about 160 miles south of the Oregon border.

Yesterday was brutal.  Pure torture.


oh my god, 117 degrees!!!  I hope you are staying cool (AND INSIDE mister), while drinking plenty of water.  The last thing you need is a heat stroke.


117?  HOLY CRAP!  The Sacramento Valley though is notorious for these kinds of heat waves, especially up in your area.  And I thought I was sweating!  Yikes!

Stay cool buddy.


(Who lives North of Robert where these kinds of temps usually don't appear till mid August!  Anyway, it's supposed to cool down today to the low 90s.)

This weather is crazy.  Strange weather patterns since the winter rains.  In Feb it got into the high 90's and they told us of possible draughts.  Then record amounts of rain for March and April.    Summers here are always hot and dry and this last weekend 112' was forcast but the 117'came out of nowhere and I'll admit was a little too much too soon.

And now here it is, 2 days later and right now there is thunder and lightening.  That's sort of spooky because everything is so dry, the lightning could start a fire.

So anyway, maybe El Nino is back in the picture. 



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