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Any Predictions????


I had anal intercourse with a guy near the end of November. I started felling sick, like I had the flu, near the end of December. I got tested during the first week of January 2007. My results were positive ELISA and negative Western Blot. The doctor told me to come back in April to re-test, but I never went back until just recently. (late May) At the first test, blood was drawn, but this time I used the orasure test. It came back positive, and now I have to wait until it's confirmed. Could this be the confirmation that the first tests' doctors were looking for?????

We dont make predictions like vegas its rude.  I am sorry you are in this situation.  The only thing you can do is await your results. 

Andy Velez:
OP, anytime there is a positive ELISA it always gets checked by re-testing and doing a western blot. A negative on the western blot trumps a positive on the ELISA.

You haven't said specifically but I am assuming that the anal sex was unprotected, correct?

We're not in the guessing business here, so you need to make sure that the follow-up re-testing is done.

Hopefully it will be negative. If it isn't, then we're here for you and you can look into t he positive Forums for information and support.

Good luck and keep us posted.



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