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Living day to day with a HIV+ person


Hi all, I'm going to get the silly questions over with so they don't bug me any more!!!

My HIV+ girlfriend is coming to live with me (HIV-ve) for while after spending time abroad when she was tested positive.

Here goes the silly questions----what should i be concerned about in day to day living with a HIV+ person, eg food preparation.
What about kissing - is that a problem now ?



Kissing shouldn't be a problem, just love her.

HIV/AIDS cannot be spread through:
casual contact such as sharing food utensils, towels, and bedding
swimming pools
toilet seats
biting insects (such as mosquitoes)




You might want to read the HIV Transmission Lesson so you can get up to speed on what is and isn't a risk for infection.

The main thing you need to remember is to use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse. Have a look through the three links in my signature line so you can make sure you're using them properly. A correctly used condom rarely breaks.

I'm positive and my partner of eight years is negative (and so is my daughter). Hiv is NOT spread through everyday contact, including kissing, and condoms do prevent hiv transmission. Use them and you'll be just fine.


I think she will be just as concerned as you are are Mark, so i suggest the best thing is to be up front and honest with her, brush up on a few facts by reading the lessons here on the site.

Some people are very careful when it comes to food prep, what they eat and how its cooked, others don't worry so much. Every one is different in how they deal with day to day situations.

If your girlfriend is on meds then there can be other things to be aware of, but again what meds she is on and how long she has been on them can make a difference.

Just sit with her and tell her you want to be aware and want to help, but need some advice from her with regards to what it is you can do.

All the best Mark, if there is anything you feel you can't ask her then there are many people on here who will be more than happy to give their advice.

Good Luck

Paul xXx

Mark you should welcome her with open arms and you can kiss her as long as you want. We might have HIV but it can not be transmitted trough kissing.


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