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Wish I'd never heard the power of a four-letter word

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Yes Ray, it is certainly a deeply moving song. It certainly shifted me out of my state of hovering on the edges of my new reality and brought me into the light of day. And here we are. Life is still happening, tho some days I'd swear it’s trying to off me.  ;)


That song just flays me...but daniel, life may be trying to 'off' you but we won't let it! Anyone who reminds me of something that integral to my 'coming of age' with this illness isn't allowed to be offed!!! ;D
hope that makes sense, strange how we get comfort from these things....just goes to show, doesn't have to be specific to be relevant xxx


Sometimes there is strength to be found in surrender.

Part of how I keep going forward despite the challenges or setbacks is to try and keep my inner life active. Songs (or anything) that can help me stretch my thinking and emotional boundaries just a bit further I consider good for my well being. Where some may hear just another song, I might feel it more deeply, and such is the case with “When Angels Cry.”



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