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d4t is the culprit; lipo is no longer acceptable

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I also would like to know which are 'the better meds and treatments' that would preclude lipo, it wd be good news for a lot of people.
As for d4t, I have never been on that, so it cannot be the culprit in my case.

I had taken Stavudine (d4t) and Lamivudine (3tc) since they first came to market.  These were in combo with Sustiva.  Earlier this year I began to notice the "sunken cheeks" (stage 2 or 3) and began to research the problem.  I was able to preclude that Tenofovir was less likely to cause lipoatrophy as the d4t has now been proven a contributing factor in this problem.  I have now taken Truvada for the last four months and although I have not yet seen any improvement I have not noticed any further deterioration.  All NRTI's as well as HIV itself interfere with proper fat redistribution.  I'm glad I made the change.


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