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For the Women, and any Men who care about them...

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For the Women……….

It has been an observation of mine, that along with the expected increase infection rate of women in the United States, and in fact world wide; that it is now time for me to do one more of my “Rants for Women”.

I have for the longest time, known that the power in the world is held in the hands of the women.  For so very long now, they have subjugated themselves to the men, and allowed them to “think” that they were in control, when in fact, behind every world leader that is male, is a woman that is the conscience and spirit of that man.  Now don’t all you men start getting all pee-pee hearted at Moffie for pointing out some of the more obvious weaknesses of the male sex.  For sure, men are the leaders in engineering, technology, politics and a plethora of other specialties that make up our modern day culture.  But it must also be recognized that in recent times of the last 50 years, modern women are not sitting by and letting the world walk over them.  Of course I must leave out some of the Islamic countries of the world, who still consider women simple property, to be dealt with like last weeks’ Sunday Paper.  We still have a load of work to do to save the women of these countries, their complete annihilation will surely follow if the rest of the world stands idly by and allows them to treat their women with complete and abject disdain.

No, I have come to admire women of the world, for their simple but incredible tenacity.  Their straightforward ability to ferret out an amazing amount of skill and fortitude when it comes to child rearing, and home care; and at the same time, securing incredibly important jobs that contribute to the health and welfare of the planet.  It is with a sense of wonder that I am now observing the one-ness and openly aggressive way that women are now becoming part of our Democratic process at the very highest stations of Government in Washington D.C.  I anticipate a far greater visibility of the women of power in the very near future, and am going to vote for as many level headed women as I can, in the upcoming Congressional Elections in November.  I cannot say I agree with all the women in government, as many are only mouthpieces of men who are hiding behind them and dictating every word they say.  A woman whose married name is Dole, comes to mind as a good example of one such “mouthpiece”, as she didn’t/hasn’t had an original thought since entering politics on the coat-tails of her husband.  Yes, in 1996 I did place a bumper sticker on my truck that said “Dole for Pineapple”, and I placed it right beside the bumper sticker that said, “Doing my Part to Piss Off the Religious Right”.  This display went over very well in the Southwest Conservative neighborhood that I lived in at the time, but since this was in New Mexico, there were very few voices of discontent at my display.

Yes, for you women who have become HIV+ this year, and for those of you whose partners have become infected; your life has now changed.  I implore you all to dig deep, down into your very soul, as now you have been given a challenge that most women are very capable of fighting, and very capable of winning.  You must remember that women hold the power of the universe in their bosom.  So very few of you have ever been reminded of this very awesome power, and some of you have fought to ignore this power.  Please, now is the time to focus on that power, as it will be the strength that will pull you through, and keep you healthy, and when sick, heal you.  Please don’t subvert your very powerful natures to anyone, not your doctors, nurses, husbands, children, neighborhood, pastors, churches nor anyone, outside your own selves.  Powerful women will be the ones that save this country from the many who will never think twice about donning a condom for sexual gratification; but the women can and must say “NO WAY, JOSE”.  The women are the ones that will only be able to keep their children informed and educated, and save them from this bug that will destroy their lives. 

So, women, please keep this in mind, as you walk into the future of a life with HIV;  You already have the power to win over this bug, and you already have the power to keep your families safe.  All you have to do is connect with that deep spirit power that lives in your bosom.  Don’t let anyone get in your way.  If you haven’t connected with that power, take the time as soon as possible to have a chat with your soul, and make that connection today.  It will serve you well, and to that end, will also serve your families, communities, states, and our country as a whole.  Learn all you can about this disease, learn about how the Ryan White CARE Act works, learn about how your ASO is “supposed” to work, attend meetings on every level of government, and most of all, connect with that spirit energy that will help you have the strength to do all that your heart will ask you to do.  Please remember, now that you are affected with HIV, all levels of state government are open to you.  Find out when meetings are and make all efforts to attend them.  Listen, write copious notes, and trust nothing you hear unless you can prove that what you are hearing is correct and lawful.  Just remember, there is nothing on this planet that can confront a woman scorned, so take this knowledge that you will learn and fly with it. 

Us old queens are tired and worn out from the fight, so now it is your turn to take the banner and march into the future with your hearts in order, your heads held high, and your sabers of knowledge at the ready.

Thank you for letting me write yet one more of my rants.

In Love and Support.

No HIV+ person can get tired of fighting, EVER. It will take all women, and men to fight this. All of us are in this together.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  From the time that I joined these forums I have said repeatedly that we have a voice and we need to be heard.  I for one will never stop fighting............I also think that Regan Hofmann is doing a GREAT job in getting our faces out there..............Thank you Moffie for your post, it was beautiful and poignant.

Kisses!   :-*


I am new to this fight. If I fight half as hard as you and some others here have...i will be doing great. For all that you and others have done you have my upmost respect and gratitude.

You can bet that i am gonna fight. Wait till they get a load of this pre-menopausal woman! Hot flashes and all.


OK, I have a complaint, so brace yourselves.

I know quite a few women who are positive. Almost every one has the same nasty habit and I, for one, and here to break you of it.

Almost all of the women I know place the well being of others ahead of their own. Sometimes it is family, friends, neighbors, whatever.

Honeys, and I mean all of you, it is time for you to look after your well being. You can mother me and any other person in proximity later.

Like Tim said, we need you. I am no where near throwing in the towel. But I also don't have the same spunk I did 21 years ago.

In other words, let the kids do their own damn dishes or even cook a meal. Let hubby/boyfriend/whatever learn to do the laundry. Heaven forbid, he/she/it may even learn to iron!  :o

You are all important to me. So, please, do me a favor and look after yourselves for a change.




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