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Hi everyone, just thought I'd share this bit of news with you all.

When I was first diagnosed in February of 1993 I had a CD4 count of 450

Up till now it's never been any higher than that, but it as been as low as 54 two years ago, just before I started meds of Kaletra and Combivir.

Since starting meds, my CD4 seemed to settle at around 350, which I was happy with, but when I got my results back at the start of the year, it had risen to 425, so I was obviously curious to see what my next set of results were.

Got the answer yesterday - it's now up to 486!

So, after living with the virus for 14 years, my CD4 is now higher than it was at time of diagnosis!!

My viral load has gone from undetectable to 94, but my doctor said that it's so insignificant, it's not even worth thinking about, and she's more than confident that when I get my next set of results in September, my viral load will be back at undetectable, and my CD4 will be even higher!

I'm very happy right now  ;D

Have a great weekend everyone,



Good deal, Richard.  Did the CD4 percentage remain constant or rise, too?

Wonderful news Richard!


Hey Richard,

That is great! What a nice way to go into a holiday weekend.

Keep up the good work.



wow Richard,

That is good news!!!
I was diagnosed in 1988 and allways stayed around the 400 mark. till 6 years ago it went down to under 200 so started meds.
The first few years it stayed around the 400/500 mark but the last 2.5 years its been around the 800 mark.
So fingers crossed your will go up and up (though the 500 mark is allright too ofcourse!!).
we both are evidence that you CAN live a long and good life  :)


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