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Hi Everybody,

I was wondering if anyone ever had jaw surgery or any type of surgery performed on them before?  I have an appointment on Wednesday to have my jaw corrected, which had been hurting for a while.  I am worried about this procedure since I am Poz and never had never went under the knife before.  I sopke with the doctors and they had explained to me the entire procedure.  They also assured me that jaw surgery is a fairly common procedure and that they perform such a surgery almost every week.  So, I have a vague idea of what to expect after the surgery.  My concern is whether my health (cd4 and vl counts) will deteriorate after this surgery.  If anybody can share their experiences regarding surgical procedures, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.



I've had surgery, it was elective, and I didn't have any impact to my health, (specifically my tcell and viral load counts remained constant).  I was also put out for another procedure, (I forget the name of it, but it's when they tear your innards to shreds and you can't have a decent potty for weeks).  No impact there either.

I wouldn't worry about HIV.  My HIV doc said that sometimes he'll see a rise in a patient's viral load (if they're not on meds), but not always, it just depends on the patient.  And even if there is a rise, it's usually only temporary.

Plus they usually put you on antibiotics (at least for my two procedures), which probably helps out your immune system.

Good luck to you....jaw surgery doesn't sound too pleasant, so I wish you a speedy recovery.

Relax, and take a positive approach for Wed's Surgery. You will be fine.

Hi Justin,

I had a minor surgery done last October 10th and here's what my numbers over that time looked like:

August 2, 732, 28%
Ocotber 12, 320, 25%
November 8, 786 28%

August and November were regularly scheduled blood draws, October 12 was to satisfy my curiosity two days after surgery. (I was still in hospital then) I only have viral loads for June 05 and November 05 and they were 6,580 and 10,200 respectively. That doesn't mean much though, because my viral load in June 04 was 7,740 and August 04 was 11,000. My viral load bounces. :D So do my CD4s for that matter. I've been positive for nine years and I've never taken an hiv med in my life. Not yet, anyway.

Don't be surprised if your numbers wobble because of your surgery. You don't say what your numbers currently are, but your surgery shouldn't cause a unreversable downward turn. Don't sweat it.


Justin.  Me and my Partner asked the same questions to our HIV Doc and to the Surgeon who will eventually be cutting on my husband.  They said there was a study (cant tell you which one) out of California that did alot of comparisons between pos and neg surgery experiences and the result was no one was negatively impacted on surgery being hiv +ve..  Thats what our to docs told us....  Take it for what you will...


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