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Hi All,
  I'm curious as to what meds have helped all of you out there. I've taken effexor, lexapro, zoloft and few others in the past but I don't think they did the job for me. Therapy helped in the past and I'm trying to follow what i learned from her. But, I think about Stuff way to much. I want to stop dwelling on all these things. I've just sit around wallowing in all this depression, Over the last year I have bottled myself up in the house and I cant make myself get out to do hardly anything. I just clean the house and never get it as clean as I want. I used to be so active. I love getting outside and working in the yard or going for a walk with my dog on the trails near me but I cant even bring myself to do these things anymore. I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow and I'm going to discuss all of this with him. I wanted some input from some of you as to what meds have helped y'all the most. Thanks Rick

I take a combination of Zoloft/Celexa.  They are both SSRI's and it's unusual that two drugs from the same class work together, but it does happen.  I think I would ask the doctor for a referral to a good psychiatrist.  That's the only thing that helped me.  You really need to make yourself go out and do SOMETHING.  Just staying in all the time is like a slow suicide. 

I too was much like you described always sullen with myself because I had worked enough to cause myself to loose my ssd ( or ssdi as some may call it )
 WELL that was enough to  triggger a response from my psychotherapist who advised me to talk to the nurse practitioner @ the hospital I go to in accordance with her knowledge of what I had done to myself ( working my thuckass off ( ok I was working a 40 hour week ) and this was also a concern of my ever worrysome partner who got that call from the therapist about getting me on some kind of mental meds as I call them so he insisted that  I make sure I made the visit to the aforementioned nurse .
 She after an hour & a half interview with me delving into my life ( or then  lack there of )  she decided that I  ( because I was a manic depressive which now days is called a bi-polar person ) should be on prozac  or it's generic equivalent once a day and have done so for the past 3 or so years with no problem

  Slow suicide is what it feels like. Thats why I want to get myself out of this state of mind im in. I take zanex for anxiety and to help me sleep at night. Otherwise, I will just lay there thinking till dawn. I want to get out and do something but I dont have anyone close to hang out with and going by myself sucks. I've had enough alone time... Being in the mood i've been in makes me skiddish of meeting new people, im just going to come off like a loon. Im A VERY SHY PERSON to start with and that does not help. I cant drink or party anymore to loosen myself up. So, what the hell do I do? I turn 47 this year and im alone. I want to get out there and meet someone b4 im the old troll that I used to avoid when I was younger. I just dont want life to pass me by!!! What is the difference in a psychiatrist and a therapist?

A psychiatrist handles the medical part of depression (i.e. prescribing the medications for depression).  A therapist can't prescribe meds, but they're the ones who listen; you know, the ones who counsel.


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