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Gates & Buffett... Will we see any of it?

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I've been reviewing the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation website on and off over the last 24 hours and have to disagree with what Tim posted.  Although a large chunk of their money does go to organizations overseas I did see quite a few Universities in the States that recieved grants towards HIV/AIDS and infectious disease research.  The one that stood out though was...

HIV/AIDS - Grant
April 28, 2006
Global Solutions for Infectious Diseases
Brisbane, CA
$7,991,181 over 3 years to acquire and disseminate information that will further the development of a safe and effective HIV vaccine.

I wasn't successfull in finding any information about the company awarded the grant though. 

Watching the news this evening they mentioned that a good sum of money is going to be put towards finding a "cure" for AIDs.  I know you can't believe everything you hear on the news but I would like to hope that some good can come out of this. 

I did look into volunteer options and noticed that you are referred to an outside source called Volunteer Match which appears to place you with an organization in your area and that best suits your skills.  Tons of job openings though.  Nothing I would be qualified for so I didn't spend that much time researching.  Anyways, I didn't see anything asking the source of one's Doctorate. 


Well we certainly cannot depend on our government to provide any hard cash.   The one organization in the world (World Health Organization, who else?) relays primarilly on the USA for its funds and its failure to deliver medicines has led to a global health emergency

The Gates Foundation was already the largest in the world ($29+ billion) and Buffet's contribution will more than double it.  And remember Gates and Bono are on the same side when it comes to helping others.  The fact that they do it with their own money leds me to believe they'll be more careful as to how it's spent.  When it's someone else's money (the government) people are less likely to really care about the bottom line and results than if it was their own money.


What does Bill Clinton's foundation do?  I know he helps to negotiate lower drug prices for developing nations, but what else does it do?  Surely his foundation doesn't need billions just to negotiate lower drug prices.

Gates' foundation is highly respected so I think this is a great opportunity for HIV/AIDS.  As Robert said, people are much more careful and demand results when it's their own money.  And as great of a business leader Buffett is, (and as conservative with cash as he is), I know he did his homework and the fact that he trust the Gates' foundation with the bulk of his wealth says a lot.

I remember one year, (it was either 2002 or 2003), Bill Gates' foundation was the second largest contributor to HIV/AIDS vaccine research, (after the US Government).  His foundation donated much, much more than all the European and Asian governments COMBINED.  To me that says alot, (and quite frankly also says a lot about Europe's lack of leadership in the hunt for a cure).

What a terrific story this is. I totally have been floored by Buffet's(and Gates') huge gift to the world. I don't think its fair to bash or speak negative about this in any way, shape , or form. Finally someone does something great, and people somehow find a bad thing to say about it. Come on, can't we all just be grateful for such a wonderful gift to society. I say Thank you. Rarely have I been so moved by such an awesome display of goodness. It sure is a refreshing change of greed and cooperate selfishness. What has Chevron, Exxon or other billion dollar corporations done for anyone lately?  I applaud these two men for doing the right thing, for a change. I hope it is a sign of new things to come. Thanks Bill. Thanks Warren. I think you guys are outstanding. We all need to feel good about this.

I am a bit appalled that the second richest man in the world would give his money to the richest man in the world.  Doesn't matter except that while the global fight against AIDS is improtant, how important would that kind of money be to research, and helping those in need here???


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