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Gates & Buffett... Will we see any of it?

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Life: ;D

I sure hope!!


--- Quote ---from the article you just linked:::
The foundation, which has assets of $30.6 billion, spends money on world health, poverty and increasing access to technology in developing countries. In the United States, it focuses on education and technology in public libraries.
--- End quote ---


You should know better.  The Gates Foundation is largely involved in Prevention work in developing countries, and no care for those already infected.  On their site, they ask for applicants to work with the foundation, but one of the first things they ask for is the source of your Doctorate.  I have no axe to grind with the Nerd from Seattle, but PAAAALEEEEZE, you would think that nobody had any capability unless they are blessed with loads of riches, and degrees up the ass.

The Bill Clinton Foundation, now there is a story of another color.  His foundation is working to make sure all people on the globe have medications and care.  I think the far better investment is with this foundation. 

Just my view.

In Awe of Nerds and their followers.

I will be visiting again with Bill next week... I will give him a hug for you Tim...

ps why should I know better?  I am newly infected and am just trying to keep myself together....

I agree with Tim that the money should have gone to the Bill Clinton Foundation. Bill Gates is a Billionare already and his foundation has a number of funding sources going to it.

yeah,but who in their right mind would trust Clinton with anything,let alone the money they have saved from a life time of work.  I dont know where the gates foundation is putting their money, but I would trust someone from the private sector way before any person who has spent their life at the goverment trough, including the bushes and clintons.
too bad Clinton didnt do anything for you when he had the money and power.


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