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forgive me if you would rather i had not posted in this thread as i am not a LTS, but the welcome thread did say 'We are not excluding anyone from participating here'

i just wanted to say that i wholeheartedly agree with your points, and it drives me crazy that some people do not take what is happening seriously - whether it is from denial, flippancy or just plain ignorance. i too often refer to the LTS forum to see what i consider a realistic view of HIV.

i wish i was lucky enough to have someone like you, Mark, in my area contributing to services. one of the things i miss most from being able to interact face to face with other poz people where i live is how much i learnt from the LTS and from those who were far more badly affected than myself, because i think it is important to live the reality of this illness. unless the newly affected are taught about things like survivor guilt and the reality of living for 20+ years with a horrible disease they will not truly know the reality of their situation.

i am currently reading the wonderful 'Borrowed Time' by Paul Monette, and have previously read other similar testaments, such as the great 'PWA' by Oscar Moore. i wish everyone who has contracted HIV in the HAART age would read these books to see how lucky we are nowadays, but also know what we will maybe once ourselves have to face. if they cant face the reality how will they ever know their enemy? personally i think that knowledge makes us stronger. i have not yet had to face many challenges with this disease, but at least i know the worst and will be be prepared as best i can.

for this reason i thank you for your posts, and politely request that you LTS continue posting in the 'Living with HIV' forums, because your wisdom, experience and perspective is valued by many of us who have been on this bus for less time.

with much love and respect

Mark you're doing a good deed to ignorant people. Tho I remember the period off AZT and before cocktails I went to Itlay on a study trip. came home ok but the next year I eventually got so sick with PCP and just got on the new cocktails. I wouldn't put it off just because that kid wants to travel. Stupid

I don't know Mark, and I certainly share your frustration.

One thing that springs to mind for me while reading your post is how the initial visit with the doctor has changed. Whereas once patients were told to get their affairs in order and draw up a will, now people are told they can live to a ripe old age.

Maybe these people you deal with who are in denial should be told to get their affairs in order and draw up a will. After all, the only reason the doctors' introductory spiel has changed is because of the current methods of tracking the illness, combined with med therapy when indicated. If a person isn't availing themselves of these advances, then they may as well be living in 1983 and thus SHOULD get their affairs in order.

If you told your clients this, you'd only be speaking the truth.


What war? I'm afraid the indifference you experience is the very sad sign of the times. I was shocked when my doctor told me up to 40% of his patients don't adhere to his prescribed drug regime and are dismayed when an oi compels them to visit the doctor. The aids storm clouds are gathering and it ain't going to be pretty.

Mark, Do not let their ignorance wig you out... You can only help those who want to be helped... their adults... help give them advice and if they take it Great and if not... move on to someone who wants to survive... sounds harsh but, its not worth stressing yourself out... be there for others who actually want help... thats how I deal with it...


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