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Dearest Mark:
    I don't hang with people who don't want to do anything about their situation despite repeated requests, but if it's your work, then I guess that's not an option.  I think Daniel said it, just don't get your expectations too high about these people.  I remember being megadosed with AZT when they first started using it and having to get two blood transfusions because it dropped my hemoglobin so low.  I was always proactive about my health care, and I think like Ann said, doctors tell people a totally different thing than they used to years ago.  Some people just think they will magically last forever.  It makes me really sad to think people are like that.  But one thing that does cheer me up is that I don't go to near as many memorial services like I used to.
     I'm wishing you good things and peace always!

There's an interesting discussion on this very topic in the PozHealth Yahoo group:
The subject of the discussion is "Generation Gap."

To see the entries on this subject in the PozHealth Yahoo group, enter the search term "generation gap".

I'm not sure if you have to join the group to read the posts.



--- Quote from: allanq on May 24, 2007, 05:05:18 PM ---

I'm not sure if you have to join the group to read the posts.


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Nope ! you don't have to be a member to read the posts, or the replies !


bear60: may be a "long time survivor"....they may not be.


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