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This is so pathetic it's kind of funny.


So, I'm at my mom's. We have no heat (which is ok, it's summer), no gas (we have a gas stove, I can't eat - I haven't yet today) and no hot water (I just got out of a freezing cold shower and I'm shivering like hell).

I'd appreciate someone to drive up here and kick my mom's ass for not paying the bills, please. I know she can, but she prefers to buy vodka and cigarettes. Which is cool. Really. As long as everyone else in the house doesn't have to starve and freeze to death to feed her habit.

I'm more than a little bit pissed off right now.

() () +....     Re Atatches ass after laughing it off... Gets up off floor.

Have some vodka to warm up.
Dude, Maybe I should mail you my hurricane supplies.... sounds likeyou may need them more than I do.
Luckily it isn't going to be too cool anytime soon, otherwise it might be a  '3 Rat Night'...
I suppose you could always microwave a bowl of water for a small bath.. :D

OK OK enough. Good night for a sleepover though.. :P.
Sending batteries , Ramen Noodles and some Cheese,
Perhaps you could build a small trteadmill/generator you probablly have enough rat Power to operate a hotplate.
If all else fails theres always Charcoal. Invite the friends over for a Boy B QUE. :D :D ;)

Hurricane Supplies

OK. maybe just the lightstick...

Now I'm at my dad's.

Who has a broken arm, who is using that to his advantage to get me to do everything for him.

I'm truely being punished for something. He's okay, by the way. He's being a wuss. Good lord, they gave him Super Painkillers and he's still being a bitch.

anniebc:'s what you sell all of Mum's furnture, get on a plane and head for a very cold NZ..but I have a blazing log fire going, plenty of hot food and beautiful Alpacas to keep you busy as well as warm...they would love to cuddle up to you.. :D

Jan :-*

P.S  bring as much Vodka as you can carry.. ;)


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