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I'm 43, and I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 29 years, not one major health issue in all those years.  Insulin and Advil are my drugs of choice........ ;D

I am an Insulin-dependent diabetic as well.  I've had ulcers on my legs and big sways in blood sugar.  I check it like twice a day.  I suppose I should do it more often.  But, anyway, the things I suggested are what help me.  Like I said though, I don't really know about the dandruff thing.  I wonder if there's something a derm could prescribe for it?


The fatigue thing is the biggest thing for me.  I have found that I get tired much more easily and it takes longer for me to bounce back.  Now since I had mono at the age of 35 and my doctor told me I would likely have bouts of fatigue so I just thought it was that.  When I was diagnosed in 2006 that's when the fatigue thing could be 'understood'.  Now I take a multi=vitamin and B-12.  I also try to get some extra sleep on the weekends, when I can...  :-\  Once I get run down, it takes about 2 weeks for me to bounce back :-(

:contemplating an early night:


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