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Since being diagnosed, I have tried my best not to get too paranoid about things that happen to me physically.  Colds, flu's, cuts, etc.

Lately, I have been noticing strange things that seem a little "out of the norm"

- Nails are starting to peel.  I have ALWAYS had really strong nails and my diet has not changed.
- Acne.  What's up with that?  I've always had very clear skin, again no diet change, but I look like a 13 year old prepubescent teenager!
- Dandruff.  Now this one REALLY throws me over the top!  I've never had dandruff!
- Extremely dry skin.  All I drink is water and my damn lotion costs $15 a bottle!  HUH?
- Extreme fatigue.  My numbers are great, no meds, but I can run training camps on napping.  I can take a 6 hour nap, get up, eat and go right
  back to bed and sleep peacefully through the nigh.

Just curious if any you women are experiencing any of the above.


Hello Lisa, I have the extremly dry skin part and extremly sensitive skin, some acne but not too bad. Might be additional stress, just from knowing we are sick or could be the meds.  At one point, I was always exausted but that has improved. I do take prenatal vitamens, that seems too help some with the tirdness. Hope that helps. Cristy

Queen Tokelove:
I think I might have you on sleeping. I usually sleep up to 10 hours when I do go to sleep at night and even after that I sometimes require a nap. I stay with dry skin but I think that is because I really don't drink enough water and am diabetic.

Hi Lisa
I've been thinking along those lines too but not really saying much to anyone.

The dandruff thing is a nightmare; its been getting progressively worse the last few years (been + 7 years). The dryness and itchiness has spread to my hairline and parts of my face and my scalp is so bad I'm at the point where my hands seem to be constantly in my hair, scratching/picking away (sorry but you asked!) I took advice off folk here and have been using a SLS-free shampoo for a few weeks and, although it helped to soothe it at the start, I'm not sure its making any difference any more! I hate this cos all the flakiness makes me feel really scruffy, especially with having a canvas of black hair! :(

Fatigue seems to have caught up with me lately too. Though I'm not sure if it's linked to me not being active enough. And more recently I'm experiencing broken sleep. But again, I'm not sure that it isn't just the season changing (warm uncomfy nights and allergy to olive blossom)...And yesterday I gave in and started taking anti-histamines, so now I'm feeling groggy in the daytime too...I almost fell asleep in work today!

I've asked about this before in Living With. It bugs me when 'things' start happening that I don't know what is HIV related, what is being caused by other stuff and what 'just is'. People just said that is all part of living with HIV, not always knowing what is and isn't caused by what. ---sigh---

My numbers are also ok and no meds. And generally I'm in good spirits. So, dunno... ???

(who is even scratching/picking as she types...Just Cant Stop...damnit!)

hey lisa
nails have always been like that, acne i take meds for & have done for the last god knows how many years, but as for dandruff/scalp, dry skin, thirst and fatigue - i'm right there with you.

i have found co-enzyme Q10 a bit of a help for the fatigue, and am also taking multi minerals & vits & selenium just in case. i need ideally 12 hours a night but normally get about 10. weekends i sleep 14. and this is with 40mg citalopram! i admit i should probably do some exercise but am very lazy once i get home from work.

for the itchy/flaky scalp i find using shampoo/conditioner every 2nd day (the other i just wash with water) seems to help slightly, but less so in hot weather. also not having the water too hot helps. bizarrely my scalp seems to be worse when my roots are my natural colour, so dying my hair helps!?!

for the dry skin patches i have been applying extra moisturiser (i use lancome hydrazen neurocalm which is 35 but is v good) but i also top up on dry areas with hydrocortizone cream in daytime and petroleum jelly at night. i also drink gallons of water.

for the acne, i never had any until i was in my mid 20s and so now take an antibiotic every day. it is called lymecycline 408mg and seems to beat most of them.

i really dont know what is related to the hiv, what to stress, and what to aging, but ive gotta say that a lot of us seem to have these problems so i think it is the bug's fault. im not on meds for this yet so cant blame them for any of it.

if you find the answer to any of it be sure to let us know!


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