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menaupause and fertility


I am wondering about the early menaupause. I know this is not a scientific method, but can those of you who have menaupause already tell me when it started, what age you were and how long infected, and any other info relevant? Also evidence about poz women friends would be appreciated.
 What were the signs before it started?

I will be 34 in October, I want to have a child, but it looks like it won't happen in the next 2 years. How big a risk am I taking by waiting that I will never have children? Would there be any country that allowed me to adopt?

Appreciate any input,

Have a great day

Not sure about the adoption. I have been wondering this myself. I would like to foster parent especially to HIV children but not sure I could do that either.
I have done several infertility treatments. You would be surprised what they can do for you this day in age. If your eggs are not good at 36 there are even options of donor eggs. I would think though that at 36 you still have time. My mom had two kids after that age so you should have time.

I don't know much about fertility treatments, or adoption (my daughter is 22 and I have two grandkids, ages six and three).  But I tested poz in 1989 and I've been menopausal for a couple years.  I'm 41.  I don't know really how to describe it, but before my doctor put me on hormones, I know it was awful.  I was a moody bitch.  Now all I really get from it is hotflashes.  Sometimes, though, they are so bad that I have to put on the air conditioner on a 68F night. 


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