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Truvada/ Sustiva vs. Truvada/ Viramune

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I am on the sustiva and truvada regime and went undetectable quickly so this combo is very effective.  My triclyserides have gone up rather high and everything that you have heard about the sustiva head trips are spot on.  This is my third month and the effects have moderated but my doctor is worried about the restless sleep, fatigue and focusing problems that are still with me.  I'm thinking now I should have gone with the viramune instead of sustiva.  Taking the pills just one a day is good but I also take various vitamins and supplements and an allergy pill so one more pill would not be a big thing for me.  Sustiva was first out and has a good track record so that is why it is listed ahead of the viramune.  And viramune does have the allergic reaction potential.
Just my thoughts and experiences.

Dboy, that's exactly how I feel with Sustiva. Even though I'm undetectable I'm going to take the risk and make the change. Thanks for your input.


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