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Thanks ya'll. Wendi, I remember you mentioning that before and all I can say is that sucks big-time. I have been through similar situations and not a pleasant experience. Not since I have become poz though.  Ulong, great poiint, The pool to chose from is very small. i guess I just am a little frustrated because I do serosort and the fear of rejection from someone negative is scary. I might get to that point but not yet.Thanks for the responses and thought ,ladies. All are welcome.  Cristy

im wondering if we should let eachother know which guys on poz personals we should steer clear of! sadly i have not got as far as any dates, i seem to live in the wrong country!

as far as neggies go ive found that my policy of disclosing on a first date limits me somewhat, but what limits me more is that i'm far too choosy! im not sure yet whether i will ever be able to have a relationship with a neggie. ive made it past the first date but i havent made it past a month. and as far as only dating poz guys, seeing as the only poz heterosexual man where i live is my ex i think i will have to widen my horizons if i decide to only date poz guys!

good luck with the search ladies

Disclosing to a negative person is pretty risky, but also subject to your own personal trusts and instincts.  Personally, I won't dislcose on a first date, probably not the second date either. I want the guy to get to know me, understand me for who I am, not what I have. After he gets to know me, and if I think that I can tell him, then I will. My instincts thus far have been spot on, and I haven't had any bad experiences. Although I did have one 'rejection' from a life-long friend who had his own inhibitions to deal with, and all I can say is: "His loss!!".

Queen Tokelove:
Good Topic! The dating game has sucked for me. I don't know anyone who is poz in my town unless they are gay. And it is actually taboo to even mention it in the black community. Real Taboo. I have tried the personals but it seem like nothing was popping. I did meet someone a few weeks ago that I thought might have been a hopeful but I think he is wrapped up in his own demons. He was abused by his ex wife, not that it bothered me because I had been abused in the past twice, so I could relate but I just get the feeling something else is going on.

I go other sites but if there is an interest, they live too far away. It really sucks. As of late I have been really lonely and craving some attention or a relationship. Glad to know it isn't just me...

Queen, It's definitely not just you. guess we just have to keep looking. Best to you all,   Cristy


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