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Gerneric drugs for my friend in Mexico


My request goes out to anyone who knows how I can purchase generic drugs for my friend in Mexico. My friend has very little money and drug prices are completly prohibative for them. I have done some research and I believe Mexico is allowed by patient law to partake in the generic program. What I would like to do is buy the drugs here and send them to Mexico. He needs 180 tablets each of Kaletra, Combivir, Viramune. If anyone knows how I can help my friend, I would really appreciate it.
thanks Lyndell

Hi, what about contacting the labs producing those meds, i mean their offices in mexico, in latin america, medicines are less expensive than in the USA. But still are not affordable to us cause our salaries and stardard of living is just too low. I just realised you were talking about generic meds.... well... i dont know about Mexico, but here in my country it is not allow to sell (not even to import) generic ARVs.... isn't it stupid? try to find them in the USA and then see if there is a way to send them to mex.

Also, talk to you friend, in Latin america there are some government programmes providing meds for free (but one has to qualify for those programmes and i am not sure how it is done in Mexico). Perhaps there is something he can find over there. Also, i heard that Doctors without borders (Medicos sin fronteras) import some generic meds to some latin countries (when they are allowed), not sure if it applies for Mexico but you can ask them.

hope i could help a bit.

Juan Carlos


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