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Neurological problems in early HIV infection

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Hello Everyone

I hope you all had a nice weekend. 

I wanted to know if any of you experienced any Neurological problems early in your infection?  I have noticed over the past two weeks that my hands and feet have been having pins and needles on an off.  My vision in my right eye is also blurry on and off.  This weekend I started to drop things and felt clumsy.  I have a doctor's appointment Thursday and I will certainly bring this all up - just wondering if this happend to anyone else.

I tested positive in late October, likely I was infected in late August.  My labs have been pretty good so far.  Last round was VL in the 20Ks and Tcells around 800  % was normal.   


Hi Pete,

Sorry I can not be of much help to you.  It does sound odd to be getting these type of effects this early on in disease progression especially since your numbers are fine.  It's good to hear that you have made an appointment with your doctor to discuss these things.  Keep in touch and let us know how things work out!



HI Pete.... 
Seems unlikely given your numbers you should be experiencing any problems related to the virus at this stage...  Take a note pad when you see your doctor and have these jotted down..  Are you taking any anti-exiety stuff???


Hi Pete,
I didn't suffer any neurological problems early on in my HIV. I was diagnosed 16 years ago. But about 8 years ago my right eye started feeling strange and then I just had a total "blowout" in that eye and am now completely blind in the right eye. Then 6 years ago I had a massive stroke in my Cerebellum and several T.I.A.'s (transient ischemic attacks)in several other parts of my brain.
My Neurologist says that sometimes "long term" survivors of HIV have weakened vessels in their brain. This allows for the blood to break through in some places. He calls it "Chronic Vascular Disease"
Have no fear though, this doesn't necessarily happen to everyone.

angels4kelly 8)

Rob - Dublin:
Hi Pete,

I can relate to what you say. Since being infected in January I had pins and needles in my left arm on and off, a funny sensation underneath in my right foot and what seems like a black shadow sometimes when I turn my eye left to right. I also has some muscular problems with nerve like pain in my shoulder and neck.

Now, pins and needles are gone, so too is the foot problem. The eye problem is still there and I am seeing my 'eye boy' on Thursday about it. (my eyesight usually improves after a visit to this guy!). Muscular problems are possible to do with posture as opposed to anything else.

Dont know if that is of any help at all.



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