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$759 million in 2005, President Bill Clinton announced goal vaccine


clinton helped raise vaccine research spending to $759 million in 2005
of course under republicans and bush it has been flatened out

Ten years ago today, President Bill Clinton announced a national goal to develop an AIDS vaccine within a decade.  Global spending for HIV vaccine research increased from $186 million in 1997 to $759 million in 2005, according to the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS. The IAVI helped move the field forward by establishing research consortia so investigators can more easily coordinate and exchange information. The group partnered with governments and vaccine makers to conduct trials outside of the U.S., which now account for nearly half of the 30-plus trials currently underway. The NIH formed its own HIV vaccine trial network in 2000 to oversee clinical research sites in the U.S., Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America

Hammer says the VRC vaccine tries to solve this problem by including three variants of the HIV envelope gene—the one that most readily mutates to resist treatment. Merck began a second trial of its vaccine in February in South Africa, where the circulating virus differs from the one the vaccine is based on.

T cell–stimulating vaccines may lead to the destruction of cells infected with HIV, preventing them from reproducing. But experts say it probably would not trigger the immune system to make antibodies, and would, therefore, only be partially effective. "You're trying to control replication, not prevent infection," says Watkins.


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