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I was infected 22 years ago.

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I was infected intentionally by a dude that was shooting dope in my arms and useing a dirty sering.I asked him was it clean and he said yeah its clean.
I noticed he was already sick from aids.And I know I am responcible for my own actions but some people can be so crule.I am a straight man,and I have had sex with alot of ladies since I been Pos.and I have always used protection,and I tell you, the puzzy feel better to me wearing the rubber than without,and I will feel so guilty if I'm responcible for causing someone to get sick and may even die.
The dude who infected me is dead i have already forgiven him but I hope he forgiven him self .

i hope you inform your partners that you are hix +!!!it's your responsibility and after that it's up to them to make the decision to engage in any sexual activity with you.IF you are honest with them from the begining then you have nothing to feel guilty about.

Andy Velez:
Alter, I'm glad you're still around. I think it's great that you take care to always use a condom for intercourse. Well done! That's behaving much more responsibly than that guy did with you.

Thanks for speaking up. We look forward to hearing more from you.


Andy Velez:
Armando, it's a personal choice that someone has to make as to if and when they disclose their HIV status. As long as the person always follows safer sex principles and use a condom for intercourse, whether they choose to disclose or not is strictly up to them.

You may not have intended it as such but your admonition to Alterman had a kinda hard edge to it. At least that's how it came across to me. After all, he just finished saying that he always uses condoms.

Hey Alterman,

Welcome! There must be something magic about 1985. That's when I tested positive as well.

I am glad you found us and look forward to hearing more from you. It truly sucks what that guy did to you. But I think you have done the better thing by forgiving him.

Carrying anger or revenge for too long can be very bad for you. You seem to have let that go and I applaud you for it.

Sorry I sound so disjointed but I am still getting used to the Sustiva buzz in my head and sometimes I just want to swat it!

Take care and let us know how things are going.




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