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Happy DAMN Birthday to Me! "NOT"

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     Friday was my Birthday and I got to have a wisdom tooth pulled and have been sick ever since. Birthdays are not that big of a deal to me but I will remember this one. I have had teeth pulled before and never had a problem but this one had to be the one. :'(   No Birthday party, just a pity party and they are never any

  On a Brighter side, I am glad the tooth is out and now for the healing :-*



Sorry you had to have a tooth pulled, I know that is no fun.   I'm also sorry that I didn't have you on the birthday list, now how did that happen?   Anyway, you're added now so I won't forget next June 23rd!





Happy Belated (toothless  ;D ) Birthday!


Think of all that extra room your real teeth have to breath now??  If you didnt do it then, the pain would have been greater, the damage to your spacing would be estranomical to repair and now you have a big hole back there you toung gets to play with for about 6 months.   Youll be ok.  Give it two weeks and then you can truly celebrate facing the fact you had 2 people fucking around in your mouth for 2 hours..... Never fun for anyone.  But getting it done is a GOLD MEDAL in my book..

Scared shitless about those dentist dudes......   I find a zanex prior to the masks going on works great.   "RIP, RIP, RIP IT OUT I SAY......   Wait, I want more RIPPING"

Love ;D

Matty the Damned:
Hey Mikey!

I know how you feel love. I had my remaining three wisdom teeth out at the end of May. The first one I had taken out about 18 months before. It was not pleasant.

But it's done now and the mouth tends to heal very quickly (provided you don't smoke while it's healing) and I can assure you it feels SO much better when they're out.

Love ya,



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