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I had a protected sex with a girl who claimed she only sexed with guys wear condoms.  In regardless of her HIV status, what is the risk if I performed an oral sex for her?

Matty the Damned:
There is absolutely no risk of HIV transmission from performing oral sex on a girl. None. Please take the time to read our Welcome Thread to learn about how HIV is and is not transmitted.

Keep using condoms when you have anal and/or vaginal sex and you'll be ok in terms of HIV.


I read the welcome thread.  Thanks!  I guess oral sex is not considered as an intercourse nor as a true sexaul contact between two?  If my assumption is true, then I am a happy guy.

Andy Velez:
Unprotected intercourse, whether vaginal or anal, are what you have to be concerned about as far as HIV transmission sexually.

As long as you consistently use latex condoms for intercourse you'll be fine. There's no risk receiving oral and the risk of giving oral is theoretical rather than actual.


Besides the Oral sex that happened on May 18, I actually have another one happened on May 10 of this year, I also had a sex with a lady who I know for 4-5 years.  She was divorced three years ago and had no other boy friends.  In the beginning of our sex, I have mine inserted into hers withour protection, this last about 30 seconds with slow motion, but then I pull out and wear condom for the rest of sex.  This lady told me I was her first man after her ex-husband.  Six weeks later from May 10, I started to have sore throat, and it hurts most during the motion of swallowing.  The sore throat stopped after a week, but my mouth started develop small pimps (which felt dry and painful) from two sides of throat, then under the lips.  I have a high anxiety due to these sore throat and pimps.  Can anyone tell me if I have been infected or not?  I intent to have me tested next week Monday, which will be more than 8 weeks. 


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