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Can you get POZ magazine outside of the US?


The subscription page only allows you to place an order using an American address.  Is there way to get it mailed overseas?

I would be happy if somebody could please answer Cliff's question, as I also would like to get pos but have no way to order it here in Germany!

Rob - Dublin:
This is the third subscription to Poz, the publishers could seriously grow the subscriber base if the site allowed those of us not in the USA to order online


Hi cliff....

At first I wasn't sure why you would want a subscription to POZ when you can read most of it on-line.  But then when I logged on this evening I saw this:

--- Quote ---In the July issue of POZ, some brave volunteers bared all for the magazine's cover story (you have to get  the magazine to see the pics! ), lowering their belts and their guard to accompany the issue’s special report on criminalizing sex between HIV-positive people. Here they reveal even more: the naked truth about living with the virus.

--- End quote ---

Ahhhh so.  If you want, send me your address and I'll gladly send you my copy when I'm finished.  It might be a little sticky, but hey, that's what friends are for, right?



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