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CD4 going up but VL stays the same


HIV? poz about being neg:
I am not on Meds yet and have been positive since December of this year my CD4 count and % has been going up but my VL has been consistently above 100000?


I'm not on meds yet, and I've been positive since January 2006. My CD4 count continues to climb, but it was only at my last test in January that my VL dropped below 100,000 (from 156K to 46K). So it took a year for me.

As your CD4 and % climb, your body will be able to suppress HIV more effectively by itself. You'll eventually reach an equilibrium point where your VL is roughly constant, and your CD4s reach a high point before slowly declining. But this can take some time.


HIV? poz about being neg:
thanks Matt.


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