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Hey Libra,

Just a heads up, the dizziness can take up to 8 weeks before it goes away, if it does, as the body adjusts to having it now in the system all the time.  If it gets worse you may want to try gravol.  Still talk it over first with your doctor.  Gravol is pretty benign and does not interact with meds but it's always a good idea to check things out with your doctor before you start taking anything else with your meds.



I too am on TRUVADA/VIRAMUNE and i have been on it for about 2 months now. i only felt  slightly nauseated for about 2-4 weeks adnthen I realized that if i ate when I took my meds then i didn't feel as sick on my stomach or dizzy. It is a good combo so far and like everyone else has told you if you get any sid eeffects that are unbearable don't hesitate to call your DR. I accidentally took two truvada one day and thought i had overdosed(smile) how stupid I felt when the doctor told me that it wouldn't hurt me!! Good luck and welcome!!

I'll check in here too. Today is my second day on Truvada/Viramune. I had been taking Sustiva. I'm already slightly clearer and feel like my concentration is better, though I have a slight headache and a strange tightness in my shoulders. I forced myself to go to the gym for the first time in a week and that has really helped me feel better. I became undectable on my old regimen in four weeks so I'm a little nervous switching but I'm told Viramune is equally as effective. Thanks for listening!

glad it's working for you joel so far. :)

I too just switched from sustiva/truvada to viramune/truvada... and I couldn't be happier.   Virtually no side effects, I feel like I have so much more energy and the mental issues are going away that sustiva brought on.   

I wish i had switched a long time ago.

:-\This is my 3rd week on truvada/viramune now, but ...since I started the 3rd week headaches r back and I wake up w a mild pain in my lower back....I'm afraid of my kidneys,,,,does this side effects go away?


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