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I'm beginning my third week since switching to Viramune also. I've noticed I'm a lot more tired then before and I'm having vivid dreams. Funny, that never happened with Susutiva, like most others, but it is happening with Viramune. Anyway, I'm going to the doctor for a liver toxicity test tomorrow. Libra, has your doctor asked you to do that yet? My doc made it sound like it was standard procedure for Viramune.

Thanks Joel for answering soon...well next week I have lab blood test again( my first one on meds)....and after that I will c my doc...further than that She hasn't asked me any other tests yet.

Why don't you give her a call and confirm that they're going to run a liver toxicity test with the blood sample they're taking next week? From what I was told liver issues are a risk with Viramune.

Hi guys, Steve here in San Diego, I started taking Viramune/Truvada a couple of months ago.  I was VERY nervous about side effects since this was my first time on meds.  I had virtually no side effects with Viramune/Truvada  The liver is what to watch on this regimine... by the way, the rule-of-thumb here is CD-4 below 350 is time to consider meds... below 200 is considered AIDS!  What gives with what I'm hearing here??? 

Anyway, after 1st month on these meds my viral load had not gone undetectable, so we waited another month to see and after my visit this morning I found my viral load had gone up some - in other words, time to switch meds...ugghhhh!!!
Tonight I just took Truvada/Norvir/Reyataz - my new regimine.  Anyone have thoughts on this particular regimine??? 

Good luck all!  This seems like a good, informative forum.


Sorry to heard that Steve...well looks like not all meds work same on us,,,thanks god we have a lot to chose from ...I wish you the best luck ever on this new combo ur on...please write back to tell ur side effects on ur new meds... ;)


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