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i want the final explination on hiv risks with oral sex

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well heres the story - i cant find the welcome thread or w/e that it tells every basic case on buttt i havent eaten a girl out before and i just wanted to know before i did it if i was puttin myself at risk at all - ive been readin responses to comments and some say theres a veryvery small risk and some say theres none at all so here i am and i just want an explination of hte risk of eating out a girl

thanks a ton for ur time i know u get this kinda pointless comment alot:)


Andy Velez:
I don't understand why you can't find the lesson on transmission. Here's a link to it from the first thread in this section:

Giving oral to a woman is one of those activities which falls into "theoretical" rather than actual risk. Certain factors would all have to come together in order for transmission to happen that way. And in the real world it just doesn't happen. I'm talking the woman being HIV+ and bleeding profusely into your mouth with you having bad oral care, etc. etc. See what I mean?

It's one of those activities which is so common in life that if it was really a factor in transmission we would have known long before today.

Of course if you search the net for "risky" activities you will always find fuel for your fears.


okkk thanks man

hey again idk if it matters but ummm for lack of a better word would actually swallowing the "vagina juice" increase risks or w/e


No that wouldn't matter. Reason being, the acid content of the stomach.


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