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Hi guys,

Three weeks ago I performed unprotected oral sex on another guy whose HIV status I did not know.  This was my first and only sexual experience.  The oral sex lasted for a few minutes at the most and he did not ejaculate.  I didn't see any precum on his penis but I can't be 100% sure that there was none.  I know that acquiring HIV from oral sex is low risk but is it possible I became infected through a small amount of precum that I didn't see entering a cut in my mouth?  My oral health is good and I didn't have any noticeable cuts or bleeding gums in my mouth at the time.  Do I need to test over this incident or can I move on?

I'd really appreciate your advice.

Thank you

Andy Velez:
Concerned, I would say you are worrying needlessly and no, you don't need to get tested in relation to this incident.

If you haven't already done so, please read our lesson on transmission (as well as the one on testing). The link is in the welcome thread which opens this section.

Despite the very few anecdotal reports of transmission via giving oral, there is solid data that supports giving oral not being risky. This infor is  via longterm studies of sero-discordant couples, (both gay and straight), who had lots of protected intercourse and lots of unprotected oral. Bad oral care and other factors including faulty memory for various reasons may have played a part in the reported cases of oral transmission.

As long as you excercise care in terms of not giving oral when you have an open wound or sore in your mouth or bleeding gums, it shouldn't be a problem.

Since you are apparently just becoming sexually active I urge you to go at a pace you are comfortable with. And don't do anything you aren't comfortable with. Most especially of all make sure that if you are having intercourse whoever is the insertive partner is always wearing a condom.

This time out you don't have any cause for concern.



Thank you so much for your advice.  It's really helped put my mind to rest. I know my concern maybe seemed a little irrational but I guess the combination of guilt over the incident and also reading comments that there had been documented cases of HIV transmission through receptive oral sex without ejaculation threw my imagination into overdrive.  Thanks once again and I have read the lessons too.

All the best to you

Andy Velez:
Guy, I'm glad you found our exchange to be helpful.

Becoming active sexually can be very exciting and also scary and challenging. So go at the pace that is right for you. As long as you consistently follow safer sex guidelines you'll be ok as far as HIV is concerned. Take your time as you explore what is right for you.



I'm sorry for posting again after so long.  I thought I'd gotten to grips with my initial concerns about the incident described above but it seems I'm having some fearful/paranoid moments again.  It all stems from something I read the other day about giving blood and oral sex.  It says guys who have taken part in oral sex with another guy even once is barred from giving blood.  I did this, once, the incident descirbed above, and Im not going to do it again, but I think that's ruled me out of being a donor.  I know Andy says I have no cause for concern but does the fact that I'm not allowed to give blood have something to do with HIV and the fact that I may be infected from this incident? I'm so sorry for raising this again but is my incident really no risk.  Thank you


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