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My Husband Just tested positive.

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I'm new to this forum.  I might be able to provide some helpful info.

I was diagnosed almost exactly 5 years ago at age 60.

My CD 4's have stayed between 350 - 600 and my VL between 15,000-75,000.  Both trend the wrong way but so far I'm not on meds although I may start Atripla in the next 6 months.

My wife quickly packed up and left and threatened to sue me (through her lawyer) for attempted aggravated assult in order to get a big financial settlement. Her plan worked as I didn't want to be exposed in the local newspaper.

I drifted for a year and then started Internet dating.  I always disclosed prior to the relationship progressing beyond a few casual dates.  I dated a girl for 9 months which included lots of protected sex. Eventually she told me that we had to split as she hated condoms and it wouldn't work long term.

I soon met a gal - both of us are 65.

I disclosed to her on our 3rd date.  Her response was "it doesn't matter -- we can use safe sex". She then said that her former husband died after 12 months of marriage from encephalitis in 30 days and she has spent 10 years thinking about life and the frailty of life.

To make a long story short - we married exactly 365 days after meeting.  We've had awesome protected sex every other day for the 18 months of married life.  She gets tested twice a year but there has never been any risk of infection as we always use a condom.

My point is that life can carry on with little change.  It is easy to have a very loving marriage with a pos man and a neg wife.

Stay positive -- keep telling your husband that HIV is easily treatable -- he will eventually die from something but it is highly unlikely to be from HIV/AIDS.


Thank you so much for your post and for your support. Im sorry your first wife treated you the way she did.

Wow, that's quite a story!  I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, but I'm surprised at how you're handling it.  It's obvious that you are a good person and I pray for you to stay strong.

Thank you gent. Your kind words are appreciated.


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