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After five hours of researching, I finally found this place and would love some insight.

Two months ago, my gums got very irritated and would bleed a bit when I brushed or flossed.  It wasn't surprising because I hadnt been to the dentist in years and last year I was supposed to have scaling done to get rid of the plaque build-up.  So there I was, a year after I was supposed to have it done.... I called and went in for a deep cleaning.  Immediately after, my gums quit bleeding and lost their sensitivity.

Two weeks ago, I noticed that my gums were starting to get sensitive again, so I called the dentist and went in last Wednesday to see if they had missed any places during the prior cleaning.  I was told then that I have ANUG and that smoking, stress and/or a compromised immune system could be to blame.  I was put on antibiotics and immediately after seeing the dentist, I have had no bleeding or sensitivity, so it seems to be healing.

Here is the question.  Is it possible to develop ANUG while seroconverting?  I have not been unsafe in the past year, but have had unprotected oral sex without ejaculation.  When HIV is listed as a a possible cause,  does this mean that one would have to have been infected for years in order for the immune system to be compromised, therefore leading to oral infections? Or again, can ANUG develop immediately after the initial infection?  Also, would HIV related ANUG respond to antibiotics? Because it is clearing up, I am leaning towards the underlying cause not being systemic.  However, maybe the fast healing doesnt mean anything at all.  Any help?

I have been driving myself crazy with this and all of the medical journals have been relatively unclear and unable to answer these questions. 

ANUG is often brought on by stress and/or smoking and is a progressive painful infection with ulceration, swelling and sloughing off of dead tissue from the mouth and throat due to the spread of infection from the gums. Other causes of this disease include poor oral hygiene, poor nutrition and throat, tooth or mouth infections. ANUG is a rare condition, which typically affects people between the ages of 15 and 35. ANUG, has nothing to do with HIV. You can contract ANUG any time.

thanks for replying.  Everything Ive read online, however, has stated that oral infections are sometimes indications of HIV infection that has been undiagnosed.  ANUG is one of those.  This is because harmful bacteria in the mouth is allowed to thrive because of a suppressed immune system. I would love to think that they are unrelated, but both the doctor and information online say that they are sometimes related

what the heck is ANUG?

i have to say it is interesting how so many folks on here will hone in on HIV as the culprit for all ills.  you readily admit, electric, that you've gone for ages without seeing a dentist and have not-so-hot oral hygiene.  don't you think that is the more likely culprit?

ANUG is Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis

I had no idea what it was either.  But yes, it is very rare in Westerners and is most commonly found in developing nations.  That is why HIV infection is considered upon diagnosis in otherwise healthy individuals.  I do have contributing factors other than possible HIV infection.  But I also had questions regarding ANUG'S presence in seroconversion.  Mainly, I wanted to know how long one usually  has been infected with HIV before immuno-suppressant  related illnesses occur.


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