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Disclosure; and why I hate myself right now.

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Cliff, that song rocks, thanks for posting that.. you know i've never paid attention to that song before, I don't know why!!

Alan, it's okay babe, I'm settling down and will no doubt return to my vulnerable cubby heart on his sleeve self soon.  Just need to lick a few more wounds..


Hi Matt,
Big hugs to you. Disclosure is so hard. You are a good and decent man, and when the time is right for you, love will come your way.

Hi Matt,

Iīve joined this discussion a bit late i know.. ok I met my boyfriend (still donīt like that term) 9 months agoafter spending a night with him, (the first night we didnīt have sex) i knew i wanted to be with him there was something that clicked between us, problem iīm poz he isnīt desicion was to tell him there and then if he couldnīt handle it then it was all over before it started and i really expected him to reject me but he didnīt and 9 months later i love him more than ever

its not easy ... i know ..think about it again , the poor gus i swondering what hes done wrong

all the best


Dear Matt,

I'm sorry that things went this way.
Please don't allow HIV to influence your life so much that you don't allow yourself to love someone you care for. That is too big a victory for HIV.

I wish I could hug you, you're so damn far away! You've become so dear to me.



Thanks guys, much appreciated really.  And Coen babe, don't worry, I bounce back pretty well. 

Big woofy hugs.


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