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Hi Melia!


So good to see you here again!

Hope you are doing a lot better now and that the pain is getting less day by day!

You are in my thoughts.
Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Gentle hugs,

Hi Melia,

We've missed you, and pray that you are doing well.

Thanks for coming back, and please don't be a stranger.  Well, we already know you are strange, so that is fine, just don't stay away for much longer, this motley crew needs you.  ;D

In Love and Support.

I meant to respond to this earlier but got sidetracked and forgot...oops!

Hi Eirin
Yes I'm back, I've always been kind of hovering checking in now and again. Thanks for your get well wish on Ann's thread and here. Am still in a lot of discomfort. Shingles is like nothing I've ever experienced before, I feel floored by it! Anyway, enough moaning...Hope you're well! Again, thanks for your kind thoughts :)

Mr Moffie, young man!
Well thanks for that! Whenever I see that toothy grinned smiley I think of you for some reason! ;D
I've had a tough few months but I'm still here...just about! Thanks for caring :)

Melia :)


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