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Hi Falkore,

So nice of you to drop in.  I hope this site is one you will find helpful and one where you can find people who understand.  I was diagnosed in 1983, and it appears from your photo, (assuming it was taken in the last two years) that you are younger than my HIV, so in a really perverse sort of way; take solace from that, and please don't worry about finding love, making your life "acceptable" for anyone but you, or a whole host of details that are racing through your mind at this time.  Life will cool, and the news of the HIV will temper, but you have to give it time.  I started a relationship with an HIV- man a full five years after I was infected, and we have been "IN LOVE" for the last 18 years, so there is hope, even though it may not seem so today.

In Love.

It's been since 1990 that I have known about being HIV -positive. In the initial stages, depression will hit you and all of the other emotions at the same time. So relax, take care of yourself and Love will find you. That's been my experience.

Hi Falkore,

My first thought is that I have to agree with Mark about this:

Could the day come when he would be staying with you in the hospital. Sure. But until that day comes, why are you wasting valuable time worrying about it?

Enjoy the life you have today. Enjoy the people who are part of your life today.

Anxiety about an imagined future will only serve to make you sick. Since no one is guaranteed to live more than right now - today - this minute - try not to let your mind take over the moment.

Iíve been positive for 18+ years, and I can tell you that in time youíll learn how to handle these anxieties and fears. Namely, youíll learn that they are nothing but wasted time. Time is precious. Donít fret it away.



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